Get Rid Of Blemishes Fast

Blemishes have always been known for their bad timing. It always happens just before a date or an important meeting with a special someone. Blemishes are really annoying and also leave behind marks on the faces that is not a very pleasant sight. Everyone dreams of a clear and glowing skin but blemishes take care that it does not happen. So do you know what blemishes are and how they can be treated? Well, read below to get an insight on how to handle blemishes and avoid scarring and discolouration.

The Types of Blemishes

There are mainly two kinds of blemishes that everyone has to deal with in their everyday lives. They are Cyst and Pustule. These two kinds of blemishes have to be dealt with in two very different ways. Which is why it is important that we are able to identify which kind of blemish we are dealing with in the first place. Make sure to read through carefully to not only identify but also finally get the answer of to get rid of them!

A Cyst

A cyst is a kind of blemish that is embedded within the skin and does not breakout on to the surface unlike a pustule. Usually a cyst will stay within the skin for about 3 weeks. Cysts are painful and can take a long time to completely heal like about a month. Generally, the body reabsorbs the infection in the cyst making it to dissipate with time. There could be swelling and some redness. Ice is a great solution to cyst to temporarily numb and eliminate the itchiness and swelling. However, it would be ideal if you could use a Benton snail bee high content essence which will prevent the infection from reoccurring and the cyst forming again.

A Pustule

A pustule on the other hand, will breakout on to the surface of your skin. It is the body’s way of pushing out the infection to get rid of it. The breakout will result in a whitehead. It would be very tempting to remove the whitehead off, however be wary that the entire white head has been pushed out. You don’t want to remove the whitehead only halfway through which may result in the infection staying within the skin causes even more problems to your skin. There are many beauty products online Dubai that you can use to remove any scarring or discolouration left by a pustule.


A blemish is a result of acne bacteria that tends to fend off on your facial cells. There are common reasons as to why these blemishes appear. Touching your face frequently is the most common reason. If you are someone who touches the face regularly know that by touching your face always you are making your face the dirtiest place on your body and the best breeding place for these bacteria. Also make sure to wash your skin before going to bed. Did you know that a cyst usually breaks out when you are having an over dose of dairy products? Try reducing the consumption of such products when you get a cyst, it may heal faster. Stress is also a very common problem that contributes to blemishes.

Keep these details in mind to avoid getting a blemish and even if you do, you know what to do now!