4 Easy Ways To Handle Hosting A Car Show

A car show can be a fun and entertaining experience for everyone including car enthusiasts however, sometimes hosting one can be a tedious task and this article aims to provide some insights in to hosting a car show.

Select the date

Although, the date of the event seems like a minor aspect to consider, it is one that will have the most impact on the show if it is not selected properly. This is due to the fact that it will affect the number of cars on show and the spectators that attend. The location and venue will matter considering the number and types of cars and audience. The types of cars on display may vary from luxury cars, sports cars to even a superior bulletproof car. So it is essential to select a venue that will help display these vehicles in the best possible ways.


Determine the budget that you can spend in advance considering the expenses such as venue, permits, advertising or any entertainment or prize giveaways for the event. Additional costs such as special permits for armored vehicles can be incurred so keep a separate amount allocated for any unforeseen expenses. Investments will include any vendor fees, sponsors and ticket sales if applicable.

Marketing and promotions

The most important and crucial area of the planning process of the car show is marketing and promotions of the event to bring out maximum publicity and awareness of the show. There are several ways in which you can set about marketing the event depending on your budget; however some standard methods are creating flyers and banners containing some vital information about the show such as date, time, venue, and contact information and so on. Furthermore, promotions can be easily done via social media through a Facebook event page or in a website and locally by placing flyers in various public and automotive shops in the area.

Participation and registrations

Most automotive shows require registration upon arrival or pre-registrations which are usually a discounted fee rate for car vendors participating. Pre-registrations can also help you gauge how many vendors will participate. On arrival registrations will require you to set a person or people up at the entrance ready to handle the registrations of the vendors, this will include setting up a log of the vehicle information and class and giving them an acknowledgment in return. Make sure that all the documentation and paperwork is well taken care of so that it will not be a disaster checking on the logs after the event is over.